Our Operations


The company's operational focus are Textiles – Fibres (viscose, polyester, acrylic); Drawn Yarns – (polyester filament, viscose filament); Spun Yarns – (cotton, polyester, viscose & blended); Greige Fabrics (knitted, woven); Made ups and Garments; Specialties in fibres, yarns & fabrics are also our forte. The operations extend to servicing clients across the globe after getting a detailed and thorough insight and understanding of their requirements pertaining to price, quality and shipment.

The team members look after the day - to - day operations assisted by technical and field marketing officers. On a select basis, financial assistance is also provided to approved customers from associate offices in Switzerland & Singapore. Today Asia is the best source for all kinds of textile commodities. We select our suppliers from Far - East Asia and South - East Asia and cater to prescribed requirements to customers in USA, EU, West Asia, Africa and the Latin America.

The company has been able to secure support from its leading suppliers concerted by its focus on consistent volumes, product promotions and its strong value for commitments. The benefits of these accrued skills are the USP that makes our customers devoted and loyal and we nurture a longstanding fulfilling relationship with them. The steady growth in the clientele over the years clearly reflects and affirms the acclaim.

None the less the young and energetic team of professionals within the company are continuously striving to add new products and platforms to enhance the list of company's activities.